From 1960 we mould plastic

Construction Molds and Plastic Molding


The industrialization of the product starting from the creation of 3D mould.

Experience, seriousness, profesionality are characteristics that we have consolidated in half a century of work together with the precise knowledge of the needs of the clients and of the market. The satisfaction of the client is pour priority, for this we are careful regarding innovation and we work with flexibility and excellent capabilities to resolve the problems.

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Our molds

Designed by our technical office and produced in our mould department in centers CNC are always born from a strict collaboration between the client and us. The precision of the molds, made in every type of steel and aluminum, is the bases for an attentive quality production. The complete service that we are able to offer has no size limits; a 1400 ton press and the possibility to make large moulds, permits us to satisfy our clients every request.

Cost minimization

Our objective is to satisfy in the best way every need, also economic saving. This is why we offer also the "Italy-China" solution....

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