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we have been shapeing plastic

Injection molding of plastic materials

Aldo Bolognesi: from the design of the molds to the delivery of the polymer products

Experience, solidity, professionalism in the processing of polymers are the characteristics that we have consolidated in half a century of work in addition to precise knowledge of the needs of the market. Our production ranges from very small objects to large plastic products weighing up to 12 kilograms. We offer the customer a complete service, from design to prototype creation, to production and logistics.





Our company specializes in the injection molding of plastic materials for third parties. Plastic products are used in various excellent production chains at a national and international level.

The industrialization of the product starts from the creation of the 3D mold and moves on to production using a large and technological fleet of presses and numerically controlled robots.

We guarantee quality, punctuality and competitiveness thanks to the internal organization and efficiency that allows us to get the most out of our production lines, to reduce costs while maintaining a high quality index.


We build injection molding molds in our numerically controlled centers.
Designed in our Cad Cam centers, they are always the result of close collaboration between us and the customer. The complete service that we are able to offer does not place limits on dimensions, a 1700 ton press and the possibility of making large molds allow us to satisfy all the client’s requests.
More than 1000 dies of absolute precision, made up of two half-moulds, are capable of producing thousands of perfectly identical pieces, from the first to the last.