The relationship with our customers begins with an initial analysis, the choice of materials and the feasibility study, also analyzing mechanical, aesthetic and functional needs to be able to transform ideas into products and satisfy the most demanding expectations. In particular, we are involved in reverse engineering processes for the replacement of metal parts with high-performance technical materials.

Mold design

The molds are designed within the company where in the technical office, experts with long experience and the aid of the best Cad Cam software, collaborate closely with the client and meet the multiple demands of the market.

Post molding

We are specialized in providing post-molding services such as treatments (welding, silk-screen printing, pad printing, painting), various processes (assembly, insert mounting, gluing, turning, threading, drilling, etc.)

Raw materials warehouse

We have a warehouse for the storage of thermoplastic materials available to our customers to promptly respond to orders.

Mold warehouse

We are structured to store the molds and move them easily with suitable equipment.


We have two storage areas for finished products of 1000+2500 m2 respectively located in large courtyards where it is possible to move lorries, chariots and crane trucks for moving molds weighing over 10,000 kg. We have three vans for urgent deliveries.